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Why Us?

At Lokuta, Friel, Parker and Bechtel LLC, we are committed to taking the time to understand your organization’s mission, vision and the unique issues that impact your ability to move toward success. We offer a high degree of personal attention and will go above and beyond in our efforts to partner with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our goal is to be recognized as among the most highly-effective and respected Human Services Consulting and Government Relations firm in Pennsylvania, by understanding the specific needs of each individual client and designing customer-centered approaches.

Each member of the Lokuta, Friel, Parker and Bechtel LLC team has demonstrated a proven record for achieving quality outcomes. Collectively, the principals of Lokuta, Friel, Parker and Bechtel LLC have over 85 years of experience in the areas of financial management, consulting, provider services, and government services representation.

As you consider a firm to represent your needs, please think of Lokuta, Friel, Parker and Bechtel LLC.