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Lokuta, Friel, Parker and Bechtel LLC will provide a wide range of services to our clients, including the following:

Human Services and Health Policy Development Finance, Reimbursement, Audit and Appeal Support
Strategic Planning And Consulting Business Development Support
Procurement Support Business Intelligence
Regulatory Compliance Meeting Facilitation
Government Relations / Lobbying

Human Services and Health Policy Development
– We provide a wide range of policy development services to our clients, with a focus on IDD, Medicaid managed care and general Medicaid policy issues. These services include delivering timely information on policy developments; crafting creative solutions to partner with state, county and federal governments to create “win-win” solutions; and developing client-specific analysis and briefing documents. We also review and analyze legislation and regulations, develop policy positions, and provide guidance on strategic communications.

Strategic Planning and Consulting – We provide strategic planning services to help our clients review their strengths and opportunities, identify their corporate goals and objectives, and develop an actionable implementation strategy. We also help facilitate corporate strategic planning sessions, including ongoing monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation. Our efforts in this area are guided by our experience and understanding of business opportunities within DPW and other Commonwealth agencies.

Procurement Support – As a result of our direct experience preparing Commonwealth requests for proposals and other procurement documents, reviewing proposals and administering procurement efforts, we provide assistance regarding all aspects of the Commonwealth’s procurement process. Specifically, we help clients develop procurement strategies, negotiate contracts and provide ongoing support through the life of the contract period. We also leverage our programmatic expertise to help our clients develop strong and competitive proposals.

Regulatory Compliance – Our team has experience administering the DPW’s Bureau of Program Integrity, which is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance within the Commonwealth’s Medicaid Program. In light of this experience, we help clients with providers develop compliance plans, perform internal compliance audits, and provide assistance and support relating to individual provider reviews. We also have significant experience relating to DPW licensing/certification and can assist providers to take steps to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements, respond to formal state or federal actions, and formulate plans of correction. We can also provide crisis management services, including actions related to incident management compliance.

Government Relations/Lobbying – We provide a full range of government relations services, including direct legislative lobbying and executive branch advocacy. We can help craft strategies to solve policy problems and help secure funding opportunities. We counsel clients in all phases of the appropriations process; provide guidance on legislative, regulatory and PAC strategies; and prepare comments on legislation and proposed rulemaking. Our approach to government relations goes beyond traditional lobbying activities. We focus on achieving the desired outcomes that result from our collective knowledge, expertise and experience in our efforts to advocate on behalf of our clients.

Finance, Reimbursement, Audit and Appeal Support – We assist our clients to ensure fiscal compliance with state and federal rules, regulations, and policies. As a result of our programmatic experience administering state human services and health care programs and performing audits of state programs, we help our clients review and analyze their Medicaid reimbursement system for compliance, maximization of revenue and efficiency. We also provide targeted training, perform financial compliance “audits,” provide consulting regarding the submittal of yearly audits and cost reports, and provide support to help resolve individual audit and appeal issues, including assistance to formulate and implement corrective action plans.

Business Development Support – As a result of our understanding of the Medicaid and social service marketplace in Pennsylvania, we are well positioned to help vendors review and evaluate the services they can offer to the Medicaid Program, health insurers, and other social support agencies in Pennsylvania and nationally. As part of our service package, we offer strategic opportunity analysis, identify emerging market opportunities, assist in the preparation of meeting materials, and provide general opportunity and outreach services. We also help identify possible network partners.

Business Intelligence – We have a strong understanding of current business opportunities, industry trends, and Commonwealth and national fiscal climates, and can provide business intelligence to providers and investors. We develop briefing documents and perform fiscal analysis to support our clients’ needs.

Meeting Facilitation – Members of our team have significant experience leading and facilitating multi-party stakeholder groups consisting of legislators, state agency staff and other stakeholder groups, and preparing “consensus” documents that serve to memorialize the results of the proceedings and provide recommendations for addressing the identified policy issue. We also have experience in “coalition-building” activities and working with industry groups to identify consensus issues and recommendations.